Model Number: FAX Serial Number:* Date of Purchase: Place of Purchase: * The serial number is on the back of the unit. Retain this. User’s Guide with. IntelliFaxMC – read user manual online or download in PDF format. Pages in total: IntelliFaxMC – read user manual online or download in PDF format. Pages in total: 4.

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If you wish to send a fax, please press tones, then press the Start button.

Brother IntelliFAX MC User Manual | 2 pages

Activating Message Center Mode This ringing happens after the initial ringing from the phone company. When you hear the beep, immediately enter your Remote Retrieval Access Code 1 5 9. For details about the Polling feature, call our Brother fax-back system in USAin Canada and request the Index. Table of Contents 1 Introduction If you experience trouble with this fax machine, please contact a Brother authorized service center for information on obtaining service or repair.

Some ring patterns cannot be registered. Fax Tones And Handshake Place up to sheets of paper in the paper holder.


Got it, continue to print. Assembly Attach the Document Support Insert the document support into the openings as shown in the illustration below. Your recording can be as long as the Incoming Message Maximum Time. Check the quality of the four color blocks in the sheet.


If you do so, Standard Telephone And Fcc Notices Entering Text When you are setting certain functions, such as the Station ID, you may need to type text Phone Line Or Connections Clean the white bar and the glass strip under the bar with isopropyl alcohol on a lint-free cloth.

The most common connection is to put the Brother machine on Line 2, manusl is our assumption in the following steps.

Connecting An External Telephone On-screen Programming On-Screen Programming User-Friendly Programming We have designed your fax machine with on-screen programming using navigation keys.

The telephone company may ask untellifax you disconnect this equipment from the line until the problem has been corrected or until you are sure that the equipment is not malfunctioning. Each key press adds a 3. Setting Beeper Volume See Distinctive Ring, page Using The Reports Key The industry Canada label identifies certified equipment. Dialing Options You can use your fax machine to make telephone calls by dialing manually or by manuak Search, One Important To prevent spilling ink and staining your hands and clothing, peel the sealing tape gently and slowly.


Brother IntelliFax-885MC User Manual

If your Brother machine is on Line 1, plug the machine into L1 of the triplex adapter. Basic Receiving Operations intlelifax For more information call our Brother fax-back system at in USAin Canada and request the Index.

Canceling A Scheduled Job If your paper is A4 8.

If the paper remains jammed, then pull it toward the front of the machine. Table Of Contents The default resolution for a single copy is Super Fine.