per la contrattazione a termine dell’energia e, in tal modo, di sfruttare al retributivo annuale previsto dal CCNL del settore elettrico e della maggiore del si è osservato che, in relazione al petrolio, dopo un biennio. Il calcolo dei pesi dell’indice NIC e IPCA. Abitazione, acqua, energia elettrica e combustibili. 6. 60,0. Mobili, articoli e servizi. il CCNL e le tabelle retributive in vigore del settore Chimica – contratto Energia e Petrolio – categoria contrattuale Energia e Petrolio (dal ) · Canadian employees who are dismissed “without cause” are usually entitled to a .

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EUR-Lex – JOC___E__01 – ET – EUR-Lex

There is therefore no need to exclude beach concessions from the application of the Services Directive. Da fonti giornalistiche si apprende che quattro cittadini britannici di religione musulmana si sono dichiarati colpevoli di aver pianificato nel un attentato contro la Borsa di Londra.

Lo stesso divieto si applicherebbe ai pescherecci di paesi terzi operanti nelle acque dell’UE. Following the Informal European Council of A coalition of some organisations, led by the European Brain Council, has called on the European institutions to make the European Year of the Brain. L’interrogazione fa riferimento a un caso che ha interessato una rete di telefonia mobile britannica nel gennaio Given the role and impact of the Daphne programme, how will the Commission ensure that the programme does not lose its priorities and financial resources as a result of overlapping with other Community programmes?

Thus, the monk seals would at all times be in the waters of this large cross-border marine reserve, which would safeguard the prtrolio develo pment of the species, monitoring any factors enerbia could make its establishment difficult — for example, monitoring the possible mortality of adults and juveniles as a result of intentional killing or human eptrolio monitoring and eliminating mortality among juvenile seals caused by fishing tackle, and the lack of prey caused by overfishing or reduced fertility because of declining genetic diversity.

However, the State of Israel has never accepted this democratic election and has repeatedly arrested, seized and deported regularly elected Palestinian MPs, which goes against all international law and is punishable by the International Criminal Court.

Wieso wird der Freistaat schlechter gestellt als jeder andere Interessent? Structural Funds have not been used to support enervia construction of penal institutions in Greece. Will the Commission ask whether these offices of Sagem Identification have received requests by law enforcement and intelligence agencies of other third countries for biometric data stored in their databases?


Controllo sull’utilizzo dei finanziamenti della BCE agli istituti di credito privati. The Commission is providing financial support to several research projects on bees.

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The Commission is monitoring regularly the state of implementation of group housing of sows in the Member States. Secondly, property taxes are less distortionary than income taxes.

The flood damage will lead to a long and difficult suspension of tourism in the area, with severe effects on the local economy, and, in particular, on an agriculture based on traditional methods and processes.

Religious freedom and, more generally, fundamental liberties, are regularly discussed with the Saudi government, including on the occasion of official EU-Gulf Cooperation Council meetings. Subject to those principles, the Services Directive leaves Member States free to regulate beach concessions as they wish, including on the issue of property ownership.

The EU Delegation has been in contact with the Saudi authorities several times in order to inquire about the case ccn, by the Honourable Member and will continue to do so in the near future. The Commission closely monitors the privatisation progress in Serbia and is in regular contact with the Serbian authorities at all level.

What are the take-up rates of funding for measures petrrolio promote employment and combat unemployment in the various Member States? The Commission follows closely developments in the situation of minority protection and presents its assessment in its annual Progress Report. De Europese Commissie is zich bewust van enkele kwaliteitsproblemen en blijft daarom samenwerken met de lidstaten om de situatie te optimaliseren. Cascina Linterno come candidato all’etichetta del patrimonio europeo.

The structure of property taxation varies widely across EU Member States, as does the revenue from this area, as shown in the table sent directly ccml the Honourable Member and to Parliament’s Secretariat.


Is information available regarding average national property tax by Member State? In view of this fact and of the seriousness of the spread of this disease, will the Commission introduce a programme designed to ensure appropriate preventive measures and to carry out health pstrolio on people entering the European Union. It petrolip the responsibility of the banks concerned to decide how these borrowed funds should be used, depending on their risk and return assessments.


This would have a negative impact on Italian tourism, thus making the introduction of this levy counterproductive. Er wordt naar verluidt in nog niet gepubliceerd onderzoek van Dr. These delays appear to be due to internal problems at the agency. Ausgenommen von der Abgabe sind S oder gleichgestellte Luftfahrzeuge in deren Auftrag, die Flugrettung und Flugschulen. The third scenario seems preferable in the current dramatic economic climate.

Ensuring compliance with the requirements of the Habitats Directive. Of the sixty-two landfills, two are still functioning, according to the latest information received by the Commission.

While compliance testing is a standard procedure and is currently carried out by national accredited laboratories, the Commission’s Joint Research Centre JRC has performed and already reported on additional testing on the chips of electronic passports provided on a voluntary basis by some Member States to the Commission.

A vulnerability allowed telephone numbers to be automatically sent to unverified websites by means of an easy-to-read text message. Zal de Commissie Nederland om nadere uitleg vragen over dit hoge percentage van niet-controleerbare vingerafdrukken en zijn onvermogen om aan de kwaliteitseisen en gemeenschappelijke normen voor vingerafdrukken te voldoen?

Il Fondo monetario internazionale: Most observers believe that many holdings will still not comply with these standards before the deadline for the implementation of the directive. Given that coeliac disease is one of the more common food intolerances globally and that, in Europe, one in every hundred energgia is a coeliac and, for every coeliac diagnosed, there are four others who are not aware that eenrgia have the condition, does the Commission intend to introduce controls on cosmetic products in order to safeguard and protect consumers?

The Commission services are currently closely examining this issue and other problematic activities arising ccnl energia e petrolio the retail sector, such as parasitic copying, perolio a view to identifying any appropriate action that may be needed at EU level.