In this lesson, students read the book How Big Is a Foot?, by Rolf Myller. The King demands that a bed be made using measure of his foot, but the carpenter. he had an idea! HE WOULD GIVE THE QUEEN A BED. The Queen did not have a bed because at the time beds had not been invented. So even Someone who. Once upon a time, there lived a king and a queen. They were a happy couple because they had everything in the world.

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Finally, the King said the Queen had to be big enough to fit the Queen! Students could use their foot, an eraser, one of thier fingers or a pencil as a non standard unit for measurement.

There is also very little myllrr with the illustrations. This book is about a king who wanted to build a bed for the queen, so he measures with his feet how tall the queen is and sets out to find someone to build it. In my opinion, the pictures of this book are poorly done, however the content of it has powerful mathematical elements.

But this book was literally formulated for that, so I’m not going to look that gift horse in the mouth.

The text and pictures are oriented differently on each page sometimes in the middle, left, right, or even going diagonally across the page. The apprentice thinks he’s figured out what had went wrong, and and wants to create a new bed for the queen. Mylelr title to share when teaching about measuring.

How Big Is a Foot?

It is a good book to use to show the importance of being consistent when you measure something. This a perfect book It is the Queen’s birthday and the King has decided that her present should be a bed. Common Core Standards K. I really enjoyed this book. The story explains how the queen’s birthday is approaching and the king wants to get her a bed.


Apr 07, Marina rated it it was amazing Shelves: The apprentice uses the marble copy and iss able to successfully make a bed big enough for the queen.

HOW BIG IS A FOOT? Written and illustrated by Rolf Muller

This is a terrific book to demonstrate and engage in a discussion about standard biy non standard measurements. Good picture books make math so much more fun. Feb 18, Danielle Boles rated it it was amazing. It is the Queen’s birthday and the King has decided that her present should be a bed. I would love to use this book as a opener for a math measurment lesson. Describe several measurable attributes of a single object.

HOW BIG IS A FOOT? Written and illustrated by Rolf Muller – ppt video online download

Then we measured Syd’s bed in these “feet” and of course everyone had a different measurement. He declares her however many feet, but when the apprentice measures, the bed is too small. Finally the king measured with his feet and send it to the maker. How Big is a Foot? Students were making connection between the story and their hands on activities measuring space and objects in the classroom and at home.

They thought the book was funny, and the illustrations are colorful without being distracting from the purpose of the book.

In practical context, students will learn exactly how big is a foot and why.

This book would be great use with your students during a hands on math lesson such as allowing your students to use their foot and measure it to understand how big is a foot. As a class, the students could measure different items using their feet as a lesson. This is about a king and his wife. How Big is a Bed?

Just like “Measuring Penny,” I would use this as a mini-lesson to activate students’ knowledge about measuring. Then, they could break up into smaller groups to measure things around the classroom. Preview — How Big Is a Foot? He told the Queen to lie on the ground and walked around her, he said the bed needed to be 3 feet wide and 6 feet long. He told the man the measurements, so the man measured it using his feet.


Extend concepts in small groups where students measure various objects with their feet. Therefor he measures how big to make it using his feet. The thing that caught my attention most was the dedication, it read “to the wonderful metric system without whose absence in this country this book would not have been possible.

While I would normally read this with lower grades, I recently read this book to a group of fifth graders as a connection piece to a measurement activity we were doing. Describe measurable attributes of objects, such as length or weight. It helped students learn how important measurement was and how important it is that the same length the original item was measured with is the same object and length the other person uses to make the final product i.

After reading this book we made can make tracings of our own feet and cut out foot long foot shapes to make an outline As a kindergarten teacher it is important to me bby teach my students rofl standard and nonstandard units of measurement.

This is myller great book to use in a younger classroom with measuring. Readers can then use their own foot to make a frame of refrence and take measurements then compare them to their classmates. This will further illustrate the concept of standard and nonstandard units of measurement.

How Big Is a Foot? by Rolf Myller | Scholastic

How Bis Is a Foot? So the apprentice is thrown in the jail till he comes to this conclusion, so they make an exact marble copy of the king’s feet to measure the new bed. Although it doesn’t talk about how big a foot is exactly, it brings muller the problems caused when you don’t know the exact dimensions. Extension Activity- Children will trace their own foot.